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A team effort - more than 15,000km to raise more than £15,000

In December, 103 amazing people decided to walk, cycle and run kilometre-upon-kilometre, all to raise money for our cause. This is incredibly inspiring, not just because together they covered 15,965 kilometres, and raised £15,148 (95p per kilometre), but because each of them individually, and together as a community, were willing to embrace the blood, sweat, and tears that come with pushing yourself to new physical and mental limits, all to support disadvantaged children in Manchester and Tyne and Wear.

The community aspect of this event was particularly important. The Michael Carrick 5K-a-Day team supported and motivated each other, and shared their stories as they completed the challenge. United as a community in the UK, across continents and around the globe. A real demonstration of what brings us together, makes us all stronger.

5.1 million children are expected to be living in poverty in the UK by the end of this year. Never has the demand for the services of charities such as ours been greater than it is in 2021. However, the extent to which coronavirus has affected the charitable sector remains unknown, although it’s predicted that there will be a shortfall of income in the tens of millions before we reach the end of the crisis.

Now is the time to look forward and to work together. If you would like to become part of the Michael Carrick Foundation fundraising community, it couldn’t be easier. Whether you want to take part in a challenge event, or would simply like some inspiration and to connect with other like-minded fundraisers, please get in touch with our dedicated and enthusiastic team - who will be only too happy to give you some ideas, and support you while you support us.

You can reach the team via email at

Blog post written by MCF volunteer and community fundraiser - Kelly Prior


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